It’s time for a new prophecy to dawn

The King of Death is dead, Father Lymic has been destroyed, and Khorvaire is saved. But the continent has been destroyed in our heroes’ absence. Thousands dead. Entire governments shut down. Houses scattered. Armies without a leader. Will you help rebuild Khorvaire as it was or reform it to something else? Only time will tell…

Timeline: Dravago, 1001 YK to 1021 YK.

Rules – A list of basic rules for the system

Phase Results

Phase One – Zarantyr 1st, 1001 to Nymm 28th, 1001

Phase Two – Lharvion 1st, 1001 to Vult 28th, 1001

Phase Three – Zarantyr 1st, 1002 to Nymm 28th, 1002

Prophecy's Dawn

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