Prophecy's Dawn

Phase One

1/1/1001 to 6/28/1001


Alarel works with the shipwrights of Zilargo and sees the laying the frame for the massive airship, the Cyran Dream, began. While work has begun he feels he must keep a constant watch on the gnome craftsmen and elemental binders. He knows he cannot trust them and must ensure that the ship must be perfect. He also begins research on a rare magical item, the Philosopher’s Stone, which is said to be able to bring back the dead but ends up only being able to chase a few rumors being so preoccupied getting the Cyran Dream project started. In the midst of all the chaos of his huge project he is still able to hire several small groups to go into the Mournland in search of his mother and remains from the Whitehearth facility.


Jorethan travels to the Shadowcraig mountains in northern Eldeen Reaches to meet up with the goliath tribes that live there. Already having a connection with them, being adopted by one of the tribes, he is able to quickly establish a good relationship with all of the remaining elders. He is able to begin helping the recovery process but after 6 months there is still a lot of work to be done before the tribes are doing well again. Not being one to sit still Jorethan also decides to go visit Darguun to see how the goblins were fairing. He finds the country in utter chaos. Lhesh Haruuc is dead and now the many powerful tribes of Darguun are waring for control of the country. On top of that the Valenar elves to the west have declared all out war on Darguun and blame them for the death of their High King. With problems too numerous to mention Jorethan can only watch as the nation of Darguun tears itself apart.


Rashira angered at the devastation wrought upon the land decides that someone needs to help to repopulate the animal population. She goes to House Valadis where she spends 6 months of frustrating negotiation trying to get their help. At first she tries just hiring the house but quickly realizes they are fragmented and no longer communicating with each other. She redoubles her efforts and focuses her energy trying to guide the house back to working condition but hits roadblock after roadblock. On a brighter note she ends up making many connections with the Gatekeeper Druids and finds herself repeatedly talking with them and helping them with issues they are facing. Sadly because House Valadis is so difficult and because she feels it is a vital task that must be done she is unable to spend as much time with the druids or help them with the troubles they are having as she would like.


Rath’ear spends most of his time and energy negotiating and working with the elves and undying of Aerenal to purchase and an empty tower which he plans to use as a place of arcane study and solitude. After a deed has passed hands he then focuses his energy on the purchase of several large Khyber shards and hiring the elemental binding gnomes of Zilargo to create an arcane matrix in his new tower in Arenal. With the shards and matrix in place all that is left is to capture and bind elementals to the matrix to bring the tower “online”.


Riev having helped her old companions save the world and defeat Father Lymic returns to the world of politics and espionage with new energy and determination. She decides that the best thing for her and her people is for her to return to her home nation of Valenar. After a few weeks spent in Valenar she finds the nation scattered and in chaos. The leadership of Valenar is completely destroyed. High king Vadallia has been killed by the goblinoids of Darguun reigniting an ancient feud. The war has taken its toll and along with the fiends and aberrations being unleashed onto the world the Valenar have been scattered into fragments of tribes all fighting for power and territory. Over 6 months while there she is able to gather several tribes under her rule carving a trail through the country. However while she does this another tribe has grown as well lead by Taerdra Jennaris a highly decorated revenant blade and a powerful warrior.


Tobo upon returning to the material plane and being instrumental in saving the world decides that the epic tale of Tobo (and the party) must be told to the world. He spends the first few months scouring Khorvaire for the best author alive. Working with the bard he helps him to create the greatest masterpiece of his writing career. A novel of the parties amazing deeds throughout the past 5 (3) years led by the brave, wise, and fearsome Tobo. Next he scours all of Khorvaire again this time gathering an army of hundreds of bards, each hired to tell the story of the adventures of Tobo and his companions as well as give out free copies of the book. In just a few months the story is told throughout taverns and gathering halls in all major cities of Khorvaire and hundreds of books are given to any who will take them.


In the time back the party hears of several disturbing things:
2 points – The nation of Droaam has become restless and reports of a massive army marching across the Greywall mountains into Breland is circulating. Breland asks for assistance in defending her borders.
2 points – Thrane has been sending envoys of healers and evangelists of the Silver Flame to the nations around them, especially Breland and Zilargo, but they are stretching thin on funds. The Council of Cardinals asks for aid in bringing physical and spiritual healing to all who need it.
2 points – Zilargo claims that the island of Aerenal is unlawfully stopping all shipment of soar wood for an undetermined amount time. The elves of Aerenal claim that because of recent events coupled with a large amount of soar wood sent out for a “special project” they feel they now need to protect their forests. The gnomes claim that this embargo spells doom for the recovery for the Zil economy.
2 points – Aundair requests an investigation in the nation of Karrnath. They report that they are violating the Treaty of Thronehold and are amassing a large army. Karrnath demands proof for these bold claims but Aundair refuses to say how they received this information.



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