Prophecy's Dawn

Phase Three

1/1/1002 to 6/28/1002


Alarel spends only half his time working on the Cyran Dream in the first six moons of 1002 YK as he is far too busy investigating and addressing disturbing rumors from House Cannith. Despite the lack of time and resources he is able to spend on the project the gnome shipwrights of Zilargo assure him the project continues at a steady pace and they should be just under 20% completion by the end of Nymm.

While the building of his vessel goes on without him, Alarel contacts Baroness Jorlanna d’Cannith at her home in Fairhaven, Aundair inviting her to a dinner to discuss the latest affairs and to catch up on house business. Through the course of the meal Alarel is able to fool Jorlanna in admitting that through shrewd negotiations with the Aundairian military she has ensured the financial stability of the house for years to come. What this deal entails she does not say but it could be a clue to the rumored warforge army.

After meeting with Jorlanna Alarel decides to do some investigating of his own. After several back alley meetings and bribes in the right hands, he learns that a creation forge has been activated in one of the secret chambers in the floating towers of Arcanix.

Even with traveling abroad and managing the construction of the Cyran Dream Alarel finds a little time to continue his research into the Philosophers Stone. Sadly, while more and more secrets are revealed he has yet to make the breakthrough discovery he needs to fully understand its power.

Also during this time several crews continue to bring back salvage from the Mournlands, focusing getting the last of the salvage from the Whitehearth facility.


Jorethan uncharacteristically spends most of his time in a single nation, Darguun. There he focuses his efforts on stopping all hostilities towards Valenar and to start bringing back a unified Darguun. Over the first six moons of 1002 YK he is able to single handily stop all military campaigns in Darguun and to get the leaders of the Kech Volaar and Kech Sharaat to agree that unifying the goblinoid races is more important that going to war. Though the meetings are a good step the third major power group, the Marguul bugbear tribes, refuse to meet to recreate a weak nation like Lhesh Haruuk’s Darguun. The Kech Volaar suggest to Jorethan that perhaps the time of the Dhakaani Empire has returned.

While mostly focused on Darguun, Jorethan still has time to return home to his tribe in the Shadowcraig mountains and oversees the relief efforts to help other neighboring goliathan tribes. With his help support efforts are able to reach hundreds of goliathans in need. Only one tribe located in the far western portion of the mountain range still reports the need for aid.


Upon hearing the news that House Vadalis has been secretly magebreeding aberrations Rashira immediately puts a stop to it. After pressing the heads of the house for the location of secret laboratories housing the experiments she heads out along with her brother, Jorethan, to make sure everything is destroyed. While Rashira literally destroys the entire facility, Jorethan is able to make sure that all personnel are safely evacuated. In the aftermath House Vadalis excoriates the head of the experiments, breeder Kantar d’Vadalis and give him a life sentence in Dreadhold. As an olive branch to Rashira they begin working on how to breed a dire pegasus.

The majority of the remainder of Rashira’s time is spent in Droaam building diplomatic relationships and investigating the mysterious figure of power Xokek the White Fire. She is able to discover that his plans are to become the first king of Droaam and then take his armies to conquer west and north (Shadow Marches, Eldeen Reaches, and the Demon Wastes) and that he has a personal guard of a dozen fire giant warlocks. Meanwhile, Xokek continues to expand his armies to now control the north-western half of Droaam.

Whenever she gets a spare moment Rashira continues to communicate and work with the Gatekeeper druids organization. In her dealings with the Gatekeeper druids, Rashira meets a druid shifter by the name of Tashlon Calmheart who eventually expresses an interest in her. Rashira has considerable doubts as to the wisdom of such an idea, but agrees to travel with him in order that they might get to know one another better. On one of their trips they are ambushed by bandits and Rashira is wounded. In a frenzy of claws and blood the bandits are shredded leaving Tashlon the only person left alive. As her uncontrollable rage makes her turn on him he calmly stands his ground and just before she can strike a familiar wave of calmness washes over her. Relieved but confused Rashira asks how he could do that without casting any spells. Tashlon explains that ever since he took a vow of peace he has been blessed by Olarune with a calming aura. She starts to believe that she might have a chance at a family.


Rath’ear spends three months planning his wedding to the Lady Invidia Galafor, after she accepted his proposal. The wedding is a grand event held in the elven homeland of Aerenal in a clearing of an ancient forest. Both sides have very large extended families and the guest list is as large is it is pretentious. The party is also invited, no matter where they are on the Eberron their invitations are personally delivered by a teleported messenger. As part of an elven tradition each of the party will also be given masterwork elven crafted items; a silver necklace with a ruby for Alarel, a belt with a gem encrusted golden buckle for Tobo, a golden circlet with gems for Rashira, a silver dagger with a ruby hilt for Riev, and a golden bracer with gems in it for Jorethan.

For their honeymoon Rath’ear and Invidia Shilrenendir travel to Syrania, the Azure Sky and home to angels, powerful air elementals, and several courts of Djinni, the genies of air. Rath and Invidia stay with one of the Djinni groups that Rath’ear has been building relations with and together they continue to establish strong bond of friendship with their hosts.

While staying mostly with the Djinni court on Syrania, Rath’ear continually travels back and forth between the plane of air and the material plane mostly to coordinate construction of his tower. The 70 ft tower is already physically complete and Rath’ear spends this time adding living accommodations, supplies, as well as magical and mundane defenses.


Riev continues to focus mainly on Valenar, trying to stabilize the nation and to prevent infighting. With the new alliance and a large army at her command she tries to slow the demand for immediate war and instead insists on reconnaissance and information gathering. Leading a team of elite soldiers and her 2nd in command, revenant blade Taerdra Jennaris, Riev scouts the Darguun eastern border and finds that the troops previously believed stationed there are gone. Taerdra insists that the scouting party should take advantage of the lessened defenses but after arguing with Riev concedes that it is wiser to plan their moves rather than making rash decisions. Upon looking further into what started the war, the assassination of King Shaeras Vadallia, Riev finds several inconsistencies with the initial results that blamed Darguun. More resources would need to be spent in order to find the truth of what happened.

Meanwhile in Karrnath Judge continues to investigate rumors of an undead army, now accompanied by his daughter Ama’Riel who was recently sent north by her mother so that she could help her father. Riel has began to show remarkable talent in the school of necromancy as well as an eagerness to learn more and rather than shun this talent both Riev and Judge plan to hone it so as to make their daughter a deadly weapon. Together with a handful of elite Amethyst Skull knights the two personally investigate the rumors of the Karrnathi undead army. Breaking into several of the old forts on the southern borders Judge finds evidence suggesting that King Kiaus III has been stealing and creating undead for years, even after the Treaty of Thronehold. While the evidence is not conclusive if it were to be presented and held to be true by the five nations it would mean Karrnath had declared war on all of Khorvaire.

Working in conjunction with Alarel, Riev taps some hidden Blood of Vol contacts in Arcanix, Aundair that owe her favors to investigate the rumors of a creation forge in that has recently been reactivated. Her contacts are able to give a specific location for the forge but warn that it is kept under the highest security and that with this task complete they no longer owe Riev any favors.


Tobo spends the majority of his time in Breland investigating rumors of a brewing civil war, managing production and distribution of his famous memoirs, and helping the fledgling Endorsement Guild gain a foothold in a new market. Using his amazing people skills Tobo hits the streets of Sharn and Wroat connecting with the people and learning what troubles them. Tobo is able to find that there are in fact talks and rumors of rebellion, mostly in Wroat but also an alarming amount in Sharn. The main reason for these talks focuses around the fact that the Brelish crown has ruled that house Cannith is once again allowed to create warforged. Because of the ruling the black market for warforged has come back in full swing and many are starting to question whether warforged should have the same rights as others. The other side of the argument is against both the sale and creation of warforged arguing that the “making of slaves” should always be against the law. There are no riots in the streets yet but things could blow up any day.

While majority of Tobo’s time in spent in Breland most of his money is spent on his newly commissioned airship. Construction of the odd vessel continues at an astonishing rate but the gnome craftsmen tell Tobo that the vessel is only half done and that if he wants to see a launch by the end of year he would need to contribute at three and a half times (21 points) the rate he had for these six months. However if he is content with the maiden voyage in twelve months he can contribute at a rate of one and three quarters times as much (10 and then 11 points).


0 points What do you do with the information Judge found in Karrnath? This information is only circumstantial but points to King Kaius III of Karrnath building up undead troops even after the Treaty of Thronehold.
0 points What do you do with the information that house Cannith is most likely making warforged in Arcanix, Aundair? The information is only rumors. More information could be gathered but points would have to be spent.
Variable points What side of the rebellion in Breland would you like to support, if any? The side for denying the rights of warforged or the outlawing of warforged creation?
4 points Investigate the assassination of King Shaeras Vadallia of Valenar. It happened over a year ago but new evidence found by Riev points to something odd with the story that it was Darguun assassins.
2 points Entire tribes from the Talenta Plains have been seen moving into Valenar, taking territory for themselves, establishing permanent camps, and raiding local cities.


Phase 4: 1 point paying back House Cannith, 1 point researching philosopher’s stone, 1 point sending salvage teams into the Mournland, 9 points to the Cyran Dream.

Before I mention my information on Aundair & Cannith to anyone else, I will privately consult Riev and see what she plans on doing. If she’s up for it, I would prefer at this time to lay our findings in front of the Cannith council that is so graciously allowing me this leeway and see if they know of it/what they plan on doing about it. Before I deliberately get Jorlanna slandered into disinheritance I want to make sure the power brokers in my house actually disapprove!

With similar things in mind, looking into the Brelish situation: how do Boranel & Oargev feel about warforged rights? Would it help to offer them a chance at citizenship, say a tenure of indentured military service as a naturalization process? Would something like that defuse or infuriate the factions? No ACTION and thus hopefully no need for points yet — just a couple quiet conversations with important folks. If a point IS needed for that, I will shave one more off the Dream.

In other news, Alarel will be doting on little Kashard and also on Shona once they are born, and secretly panicking about leading a double life. He is an idiot.

Phase Three

Well this was an interesting phase. Firstly I am curious about the undead army and stopping it if need be. I am not that interested in getting involved with the warforged problems unless I need to be.
As for my points I am going to spend 2 points (regardless of what anyone else does) looking into the Talenta/Valenar problem. My approach is this: Why are they moving in? Is there a problem or are the just greedy? If it can be solved diplomatically then great and I will try to help. If it is just greed then they can face the rath of Valenar. I am not the leader of Talenta (I decided against that long ago). If they need help I will help but if they want to make the Valenar mad then they might have to face the consequences and I will not be there to help.
As of now my other 10 points go to Tobo’s Flying Circus.

Phase Three

Alarel is very definitely in attendance at Rath’s wedding, and genuinely moved to be receiving a gift. If the happy couple needs anything enchanted for them…

Phase Three


Speaking with the Cannith higher ups in private Alarel will find that they know of Jorlanna’s deals with Aundair but have chosen to take no action.

On the warforged rights issue, Boranel is very concerned with the civil unrest and is considering rescinding his change on rights to produce them while Oargev seems to scoff at the idea of giving in to a few “Brelish farmers who can’t accept the new world.” While compromising may be the best option military service to citizenship seems to not sit well with the middle-class, who make up the bulk of the rebelling populous.

Phase Three

I think I will reduce my spending on the Dream by one point, and spend it to persuade Boranel not to rescind rights just yet. Let’s see what kind of compromise WOULD suit the people. Colonial service in Xen’drik, maybe?

I will quietly inform the party about Cannith’s activities, then, but urge them not to act on the information unless necessary. If they feel the need to act, though, I’ll ask the party not to do it without me — I’ll back their decision up, but I’d like a chance to do some spin control if I have to act against Cannith’s interests.

Phase Three

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