Prophecy's Dawn

Phase Two

7/1/1001 to 12/28/1001


Alarel continues to work relentlessly on the great airship the Cyran Dream. After a year of work the massive vessel begins to resemble something of a completed ship. Measuring almost 400 feet long and over 100 feet across at it’s widest the ship fills several merged hangers in Trolanport, Zilargo. Working with Rath’ear he is able to negotiate with the elves of Aerenal to continue shipments of soarwood to Zilargo for the few projects they have. Alarel also continues to send groups into the Mournlands, specifically the area around the ruins of Whitehearth. While no word has come back on any remains of his family he has begun to gather an interesting smattering of what remains of research notes and equipment. Any remaining time he has he spends at home with his growing family and researching the Philosophers Stone. While making no notable headway on how to make the stone he knows he is getting closer to unlocking its secrets.


Jorethan continues to be on two halves of the continent at once. Over time with the Goliath tribes of the Shadowcraigs he is declared chieftain of the tribe that he was originally adopted by. Sadly he continues to hear disturbing reports from his peregrine runners on the status of the other tribes throughout the mountains. From what he can figure his tribe is the only one that has fully stabilized from the disasters. There have even been rumors of an entire tribe disappearing after being attacked by hoards of demons from the north. The situation in Darguun does not fair much better. Jorethan continues to run diplomacy missions across the country and is now on good standings with the Kech Volaar, Kech Sharaat, and even the bugbear-led Marguul tribes. The tribes do not make his work easy, however, and still refuse to work together. Worse yet the largest two tribes, Kech Sharaat (the bladebearers) and Kech Volaar (the wordbearers), have decided to march west and have engaged their ancient enemies, the Valenar elves, in all out war.


Rashira continues to struggle with House Valadis. She wants nothing to do with the house other than to hire their services to help repopulate the animal population of the continent and yet she finds herself having to do menial tasks to help ensure the house stays organized and afloat financially. On the positive side she has been able to start a re-population program within the house that will begin the long process of making sure the natural balance returns to normal. Hearing rumors of unrest and gathering armies in Droaam she makes a journey to The Great Crag to meet with the Daughters or Sora Kell to “negotiate” peace. To her surprise she finds that she is expected by the daughters, specifically Sora Teraza who explains she has had a vision that “a tiger would liberate Droaam melting the icy grip of oppression with the fires of power and passion.” The main issue is that an Ak’chazar (white tiger) rakshasa named Xokek the White Fire has claimed the title of chosen of the daughters and has gathered an army comprised of roughly one third of Droaam. The only reason he has not led Droaam to war already is that the daughters have remained oddly silent, neither supporting nor opposing his rise to power. In the midst of all of the chaotic power struggles she is involved in Rashira still finds time to visit and support the Gatekeeper druids being sure to provide them with any assistance they need in their slow steady recovery.


Rath’ear continues to work on his tower in Aerenal. He spends a large portion of his time hiring and training local magically talented elves (and some other races). His promises to train and provide for anyone who talented enough to study under him in exchange for daily chores they must do. While making connections in Aerenal he hears of the situation with Zilargo and the soarwood shipments and goes before the Undying Court to request an extension on the normal shipments due to extraneous circumstances. He also asks the Court that should they have any issues or suspicions with behavior of the Zilargo shipwrights to contact him before making any drastic decisions. After establishing a sizable working force on the tower Rath’ear leaves on a trip for the plane of Syrania, the Eternal Sky. He pilgrims for several weeks and makes contact with a city of royal djinn (air genies) establishing the beginnings of a relationship. Through his new contacts in Syrania he is guided to a powerful elemental oracle called Euras, the East Wind Over the Mountain. He offers her a chance to travel the planes and assist travelers like himself by binding herself to his tower. In exchange he would be her moral speaker and occasionally speak on her behalf when needed. She agrees and together they return to Aerenal where she is bound to the tower. Once back Rath’ear realizes the time is right to find a mate. He seeks out a beautiful talented elven woman to court and finds the Lady Invidia Galafor, High Sorceress to the house of Galafor. Not one to scoff on tradition he takes the time due in courting her and after a month feels it is almost time to ask for her hand.


Riev continues to try and bring her home nation together. She spends almost all of her time strategizing and coordinating bands of warriors who have come together under her banner. Day by day she gains more and more warriors and continues to clear out the remaining fiends and aberrations still roaming freely killing what they encounter. After almost a year of fighting her own people in the name of a united Valenar she is able to get her only remaining rival Taerdra Jennaris to meet and discuss terms. Taerdra comes to the meeting as promised and states she is willing to follow under Riev’s banner as long as they take their combined army and crush Darguun. Meanwhile back in Karrnath the Order of the Amethyst Skull commanded by Judge sends tasks forces to look into the supposed “rising” Karrnathi army. With the connections they have around the nation they are able to reconnoiter several different cities and have found that the Karrnathi have been storing undead for years and that a force in the tens of thousands is getting ready to come to life.


Tobo continues to produce and distribute his biography though in lesser quantities that he originally started at. With his story being told in every tavern across Khorvaire he starts receiving messages from (almost) all the nations requesting that he come to visit to raise the moral of the people with his presence, skill, and stories. There are so many requests that he finds that he can’t keep up with all the places he promises to go. Realizing that he can’t let his fans down he decides to do something about it. In a stoke of genius (even for him) he hires a group of smart “numbers people“ to keep track of his schedule for him. This works quite well and for a while he misses no appearances. But then he realizes that not enough people know that they can request an performance from the great Tobo and thats why he hasn’t been getting overwhelmed with requests. So in another stroke of genius he hires a few more smart “numbers people” to contact major cities all across Khorvaire and let people know that for a modest fee Tobo the magnificent could come visit their ceremony or city party or whatever. Well before long the requests are rolling in again and the smart people he hired come to him with a plan. They ask if he would be willing to continue funding this new guild he has started and in return they would find other people who were almost as good as Tobo and help them to get recognized as well. Tobo tells them he will have to think about it. While thinking about it Tobo has another great idea, he travels to Zilargo where Alarel has all the gnomes working on his big ship. He finds the smartest and best dressed gnome he can find and tells him about an idea he had for an airship. It would be a giant airship with a tent in the middle a place for dinosaurs to perform in and it would travel from city to city and would be called Tobo’s Flying Circus. When the gnome tells Tobo what a great airship that would be he hands the gnome 60000 gp and tells him to get started right away and let him know when it was done or when he needed more money. Tobo then heads off to Auindar to visit with Rashira and her new House Valadis. While there he mentions to a few Valadis members that while they are helping to repopulate all the animals with Rashira that they should work on making sure the Talenta Plains have all the dinosaurs they lost as well. Then Tobo heads off to Thrane where he has heard that they need some help curing the sick. While in Thrane he visits with weary and sick people helping to cheer them up and he runs into the Keeper of the Flame Jaela Daran. She is much taller than he remembers and her hair has turned completely silver and there seems to be a new fire in her eyes. She tells him that she was tired of hiding behind the Council of Cardinals and has been riding around Thrane on her pet dragonhound (which is now a 20 ft long silver dragonhound with wings) helping cure the sick and bring hope to the nation. She says she is grateful to see a friend and to get his help with and that he is welcome back any time.


In the time back the party hears of several disturbing things:
2 points – Disturbing reports have come in that Aundair’s warforged population is growing dramatically, especially in their military ranks. Aundair claims that they are simply opening their borders to all refugees in need. If those who refugees feel they would best server their new country in the military they see no reason to squelch their enthusiasm.
2 points – Coupled with looking into Aundair, Karrnath insists that Cannith, specifically the Sharn branch, also be investigated. While the creation of warforged is no long illegal in Breland, they claim that Cannith is violating the Treaty of Thronehold by assisting Aundair in amassing a large standing army.
2 points – Rumors of civil unrest in Breland have surfaced. Something has gotten the citizens or Breland in an uproar. If rumors are true, a civil war could be on the horizon.
2 points – House Valadis mentions that a select few members have been working on a secret project in their remote outpost in northern Lhazaar Principalities where they have successfully kept alive brood spawn creatures and are trying to magebreed them.



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