Alarel d'Cannith

5'2", long blonde hair, hazel eyes, tanned skin,prominent warforged prosthetics running up the left side of his body, and a Siberys Mark of Making (with a Greater Mark underlying it) combine to make Alarel fairly recognizable.


Artificer 13 or 14/Dragonmarked Heir 5/Exemplar 2 or 3.


A short-tempered & ambitious artificer with a strategic mind and an obsession with family, Alarel was born in the Cannith Forgehold in Making, Cyre on the Twelfth of Zarantyr, 983? YK (what year did the game start in? he was 15 then… how long were we in Xoriat?) to Enheim and Aricia? d’Cannith. Enheim was a warforged researcher who collaborated with Aleisa and Talin d’Cannith, and had an earlier relationship with an (urban? Valenar?) elf that produced a half-elven son named Kashard. Aricia was… (Scott did we figure this out? I feel like we did).

Early in his childhood, Alarel’s parents relocated to the top-secret facility at Whitehearth. While initially the security and his very young age prevented him from joining them, and he received schooling in Making and Metrol, he proved a very independent and troublesome student. Since his behavior was exemplary when his parents were with him (such as on occasional trips to his father’s homeland of Karrnath), as soon as he was old enough to understand security precautions, he joined them at Whitehearth. While he had no playmates of his own age, he immersed himself in study of the family arcane sciences, and had crafted his first scroll before his tenth birthday.

On the Day of Mourning, he was studying with his father, and had even been permitted into some of the secret laboratories. Alarel and Enheim were passing through an extradimensional portal space when the Mourning struck, disrupting the magical stability of the facility. Alarel lost his left arm and leg almost in their entirety, severed by the closing portal; and Enheim also suffered wounds, which at first appeared to be less critical. Isolated and panicked, with no access to healing, Enheim did the only thing he could: he rushed his son to the warforged prosthetics laboratory and affixed artificial limbs to him. Before he could treat his own injuries, Enheim succumbed to blood loss, and died before Alarel had a chance to puzzle out the advanced equipment.

As soon as he could move, the eleven-year-old Alarel made his way out of the facility. His Least Mark manifested when he attempted to fix a broken door blocking his path. He quickly found himself to be the only apparent survivor, and, fleeing the bodies, exited Whitehearth into the Mournland. Completely disoriented and traumatized but determined to survive, he traveled on foot, westward, exiting the Mournland and passing through Darguun (an experience which has left him with an irrational fear and loathing of goblinoids to this day), until he finally reached a border outpost in Breland, three weeks later.

Merrix d’Cannith in Sharn, recognizing his prodigy, made him a ward of the House, and became a distant but impersonal mentor. From that point onward Alarel lived on his own in a Cannith-heavy neighborhood in Sharn (Rockbell Towers), insisting on making his own living by producing alchemical items and scrolls or fixing broken items with lesser enchantments. Driven to continue in his studies, he ignored the outside world almost completely until the disappearance of his fiance-by-arrangement (Elysia?) in 99(6? 8?).

Alarel d'Cannith

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