Euras, the East Wind Over the Mountain, the powerful elemental weird of air.


Euras is a young but wise elemental weird of air residing on a tall mountain on the plane of Syrania, the Azure Sky. Throughout the few centuries she has been alive she has helped countless travelers both planar and material but has always felt that there is more she could and should do to help those who are lost.

In the year 1001 YK, she is contacted by a young and powerful elven mage Ra’thear Shilrenendir as he travels the planes. He offers her a chance to travel the planes and assist travelers like himself by binding herself to his tower which he will then take to the plane between planes, the Astral Sea or Sea of Siberys, and travel the cosmology. In exchange he would be her moral speaker and occasionally speak on her behalf when needed. She agrees and together they return to Aerenal where she is bound to the tower where she currently resides.


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