A former lawful warforged paladin, now an elven blackguard of tyranny.


Judge was formerly a lawful warforged paladin of Aureon. He met Riev during her adventures in the Mournlands and decided to become her traveling companion. Over time they fell in love and he was polymorphed into a elf so they could have children.

After his child was kidnapped by Erandis Vol, Judge became distraught and fell as a paladin of Aureon. Free from his restraints to follow the law Judge was able torture information out of key members of the Blood of Vol and tracked down his daughter. With the help of their friends he and Riev were able to once again kill the lich Vol and return their daughter home.

Judge is now a blackguard of tyranny and head of the Order of the Amethyst Skull. He live in Karrnath with his daughter and actively hunts and kills members of the outlawed Order of the Emerald Claw.


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