Cyran Dream


Cyran Dream: Colossal+ vehicle; Airworthiness +12; Shiphandling -10; Speed Fly 150 ft. (poor) Overall AC -3; Hull sections 4,000 (crash 1000 sections); Section hp 80 (hardness 5); Section AC 3; Ram 20d6; SQ hover, invisibility, ice glide; Space 1260 ft. by 420 ft.; Height 400ft.; Watch 200; Complement 1600; Cargo 500 tons; Cost 1,005,000 gp.


The Cyran Dream is the largest airship ever constructed, the brainchild of Alarel d’Cannith, bankrolled by Breland, Cyre, and Zilargo. Its four elemental rings hold an immoth, a living holocaust, an invisible stalker, and a thoqqua, each of tremendous size, permitting it to travel under water, through earth, or through the air. Depending upon its configuration, its speed and other capabilities are somewhat mutable (it cannot enable all modes at once), and its interior is as varied as its exterior.

The Cyran Dream is a Cyran embassy, making it “Cyran soil” and so under a unique jurisdiction. It contains a pteranodon flight deck, diplomatic quarters, a xenobotany greenhosue of rare plants, an arcane research laboratory, and a creation forge. Its primary mission is as a roving Cyran-Cannith consulate, providing humanitarian aid and diplomatic connections to any location which agrees to recognize its status as Cyran soil and its legal right to produce warforged.

Cyran Dream

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