Tobo’s Flying Circus and Tent Revival


As an older ship Tobo’s Flying Circus and Tent Revival is not built using an elemental ring. Instead the elemental runs on matrix built into the bottom of the ship. This appears from the ground as if the bottom of the vessel has an intricate pattern of fire running along it. This is also true for the “head” of the ship, however because an air elemental is bound to that section it appears as a large fog cloud.

Tobo’s Flying Circus and Tent Revival: Colossal vehicle; Airworthiness +6; Shiphandling -4; Speed Fly 100 ft. (poor) Overall AC -3; Hull sections 1,000 (crash 250 sections); Section hp 60 (hardness 5); Section AC 3; Ram 12d6; SQ separate, hover, navigation table, cloud cover; Space 320 ft. by 560 ft.; Height 100ft.; Watch 40; Complement 450; Cargo 80 tons; Cost 270,850 gp.

Separate: The “head” section of the ship can disconnect and fly independently.

Navigation Table: A round table with twenty-seven notches and a shifting world map that always shows the location of the ship in comparison to the world. During times of travel, the map is a simple display showing the location, height and speed of the ship.

Cloud Cover: Surrounds the ship in defensive cloud cover as per fog cloud. Works on the whole ship if the head is connected otherwise only works on the head of the ship.


Tobo’s Flying Circus and Tent Revival

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