The campaign will revolve around phases where players declare what resources they would like invest their influence in. Each player has the same amount of influence and can invest it in any way they wish.

Phases – Each phase will represent 6 months (168 days) of in game time.

Influence – Influence represents the characters influence in the world, basically it is the character’s reputation, money, and/or military might. Each character gets 12 influence points each phase. Each influence point represents 2 weeks of time or 7500 gp.

Resources – Resources can be claimed by players as well as by NPCs if enough influence is invested in them. Resources may contain additional prerequisites in order to invest influence in them. Some examples include; region of origin, association with a specific group, or control of another resource. Resources offer rewards for whoever controls them. Resources can unlock many things including additional resources to invest in, wealth, military power, etc.. See some example resources.


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